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"departing from kunming in the morning to guiyang for a meeting, in the afternoon to changsha to discuss work, you can go home to have dinner with your family in the evening; on holidays, take your family on the high-speed rail to go to beijing, shanghai and guangzhou, and you don’t have to block the highway looking at the scenery..." such a calm and comfortable new way of traveling in the era of high-speed rail was at a speed we had never thought of 20 years ago, and it is now accelerating into the daily life of modern people.

the accelerated completion of a series of projects such as "high-speed rail era-china speed", "economic life circle", "xuxu metro line completion and trial operation", etc., all benefit from the development of construction mechanization-the development of construction machinery. it is the shortening of time for infrastructure projects and a qualitative improvement in project quality. this also has a strength of our products.

in various construction machinery and equipment, hydraulic transmission is a transmission method that transfers energy or power from the engine to the working device, and uses hydraulic fluid as the working medium for energy transmission and control. it uses the pressure energy of hydraulic oil to transfer energy , is the most important transmission mode of all transmission modes of construction machinery. a set of hydraulic transmission system is called hydraulic system.

a complete hydraulic system consists of five parts, namely power components (oil pump), executive components (hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors), control components (hydraulic valves), auxiliary components (coolers, tanks, tubing) and hydraulic oil. hydraulic transmission is a combination of all parts. the hydraulic motor is an executive component of the hydraulic system, and its function is to convert the pressure energy of the hydraulic pressure into mechanical energy (torque and speed) to obtain the required linear reciprocating or rotary motion. according to the desired design action, you can modify the components at will to achieve the desired job.

hydraulic motors, also known as oil motors, are mainly used in accommodation machinery, ships, hoists, construction machinery, construction machinery, coal mining machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, ship machinery, petrochemicals, port machinery, etc.

hydraulic motors are classified according to their structure types, which can be divided into gear type, vane type, plunger type and other types. according to the rated speed of the hydraulic motor, it is divided into two categories: high speed and low speed. low-speed hydraulic motors whose rated speed is lower than 500r/min. the basic types of high-speed hydraulic motors include gear type, screw type, vane type and axial plunger type. usually the output torque of high-speed hydraulic motor is not large, so it is also called high-speed small torque hydraulic motor. the basic type of low-speed hydraulic motor is radial plunger type. the main characteristics of low-speed hydraulic motor are large displacement, large volume and low speed (sometimes up to a few revolutions per minute or even a few revolutions per minute), so it can be directly connected to the working mechanism; there is no need for a deceleration device, which greatly simplifies the transmission mechanism. generally, low-speed hydraulic motors have a large output torque, so they are also called low-speed high-torque hydraulic motors.

the performance of a hydraulic motor is judged by customers based on its service life. the hydraulic motor's own standards are mainly used to measure the service life of a hydraulic motor under specific working conditions by several indicators such as pressure, speed, torque, and power. this requires us to have a certain understanding of the working conditions when selecting a hydraulic motor. at present, it has not been said that a motor can adapt to any working condition, but only a certain motor can adapt to its specific working condition. now let's make the following popular explanations on several common parameters of hydraulic motors:

1. working pressure and rated pressure

working pressure: input the actual pressure of the motor oil, its size is determined by the load of the motor.

rated pressure: according to the experimental standards, the highest pressure that enables the motor to work continuously and normally.

2. displacement and flow

displacement: regardless of leakage, the volume of liquid that the hydraulic motor needs to input per revolution.

flow rate: the volume of liquid input to the hydraulic motor per unit time.

3. speed and volumetric efficiency

speed: the number of turns output by the output shaft per unit time

volumetric efficiency: the ratio of actual input flow to theoretical input flow.

in the case of the same flow, the higher the volumetric efficiency, the higher the output speed of the hydraulic motor.

4. torque (torque) and mechanical efficiency

torque: the torque that causes the mechanical components to rotate is called rotational torque, or torque for short. mechanical components will produce a certain degree of torsional deformation under the action of torque, so torque is sometimes called torque. a parameter usually used to describe "motor force is small".

mechanical efficiency: the ratio of actual output torque to theoretical output torque. under the same load, the higher the mechanical efficiency, the greater the output torque and the lower the working pressure.

there are many types of hydraulic motors with different characteristics. the appropriate hydraulic motor should be selected for specific working conditions and systems. low-speed hydraulic motors can be used in low-speed situations, or high-speed hydraulic motors with deceleration devices can be used. the motor itself does not say the best motor, only the more suitable motor. the hydraulic motor of the adapting system can make the system and its components play their best role and prolong the service life.

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