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modular hydraulic motor

displacement range: 160-150000 ml/r

torque range: 605-56727 n.m

speed range: 2-250 r/min

more option:

1.different hydrobase available

2.different bearing support

3.different mounting

tms modular hydraulic motor
product details

● tms modular hydraulic motor

tms is one kind of low speed high torque radial piston motor with advanced design in disc distribution flow,piston structure, high pressurerating, smooth running at very low speeds, available with different valves, brakes. it is widely applied in mining, crane, geologic drlling, constructionmachinery,etc.

● tms characteristics

modular design:

motor intrgral structure according to the modular design, with chip stacking, including mechanical output device, hydraulic device, mechanical brake device of three parts, which can be conveniently matched with various host optimization.

high pressure, excellent low-speed stabililty:

using the automatic compensation oil distributor of plane type, with low sensitivity of pressure and temperaturem, automaticcompensating the wear of the friction pair, so as to ensure high volumetric efficiency of motor for any time, the highest workingpressure to 35mps; symmetrical piston, high start officiency, excellent low-speed performance, the lowest stable speed id less than or equal to 5r.p.m.

bear axial and radial force

using an independent set of mechanical output device, reliable designing of output shaft and bearing, the power driving device with balance radial force and pure torque outputs, so the motor can bear large axial force and radial force, can be directly with gear output or installed on the vehicle driving wheel.


the motor can be added all kinds of hydraulic valves, mechanical brake, wheel output shaft and other components, motor can make a double displacement, multi-functions collocation can meet the needs of users in various fields.

● tms technical data

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