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bpb1 hydraulic steering gear
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● bpb1, bpb2, bpb3, bpb5 series full hydraulic steering units

bpb1, bpb2, bpb3, bpbs hydraulic steering control units(scu)has similar structure with bhri,bhr2,bhr3,bhrs,connecting dimension a little different,according to most european and us standard.

bpbs series is load sensing hydraulic steering control unit, it can be used with yxl priority valve for the load sensing hydraulic system


                    ·with good pressure compensation to the change of steering load;

                    ·the flow and pressure of steering unit keep prior, steering function is reliable;

                    ·the steering circuit and other circuits work independently of each other,thereby increasing the efficiency of the system;

                    ·with high steering sensitivity, quick response, staring function is good in cold condition.

hydraulic circuit

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