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spool valve type

displacement range: 8-50 ml/r

torque range: 11-46 n.m

max flow:16-20 l/min

speed range: 50-1950 r/min

more option:

1.single crossover relief valve

2.dual crossover relief valve

bmm orbit hydraulic motor with spool valve
product details

bmm orbit hydraulic motor with spool valve

this series of motor,with its shell made of ductile cast iron of adequate intenty, can be applied to situations with less load and interval operation,widely to agriculture,forestry,plastics,machine tools and minmachines etc.

● bmm characteristics

1 .with the axial oil distribution structur,it is of smaller,high efficiency and long life.

2. shaft seal can bear high pressure of motor of which can be used in parallel or in series.

bmm main specification data

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